The Secret To Good Skin Is In Your Make-Up Bag

The Secret To Good Skin Is In Your Make-Up Bag

The Secret To Good Skin Is In Your Make-Up Bag

This one simple trick can help prevent breakouts, ward off wrinkles, and even save you money!

For many, applying make-up is a daily routine. The reasons behind why people wear make-up are varied, ranging from force of habit, a desire to cover blemishes or scars, and even artistic expression. Most people wear makeup because they want to look good, and when they look good, they feel good! How can we be sure that we’re doing everything we can to keep our makeup and our skin looking its best? Aside from having a good skin care routine (using natural ingredients is always best!), there is a little-known factor that plays a big role in keeping your make-up flawless whilst protecting your skin:

Make-up brushes... & more precisely, how often we wash them.


Our preliminary survey found that women wear make-up much more often than men, so we asked 500 women based in the UK one question:

“How often do you wash your make-up brushes?”
Here are the results...


7% Wash theirs daily

13%Wash theirs weekly

13%Wash theirs fornightly

16%Wash theirs quarterly

8%Wash theirs yearly

36% don't know how to (never washed)


1% don't wear make-up


1% don't use make-up brushes


In the UK, we spend small fortunes on make-up to help us look and feel good. In fact, a recent study by health and beauty retailer Superdrug has shown that British women spend on average £18,000 in a lifetime on just make-up alone. However, our findings confirm that make-up brushes are very much an over-looked part of our make-up routines. We were surprised to learn that 36% of people never wash their make-up brushes!


At the start of our research, we hypothesised that the older generation would clean their make-up brushes less often than the younger generation. However, it turned out to be that 22.7% of the 65+ age group washed their make-up brushes weekly, whereas only 16.1% of 18 – 24-year olds washed their brushes weekly.

How often should you wash your make-up brushes?

Our make-up brushes come into contact with so many different surfaces and become ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. When they’re not kept in the bathroom, which as we all know is a hotspot for airborne bacteria and mould spores, they are getting moved between make-up bags, handbags, into beauty products, then directly onto our skin. According to dermatologists, we should be washing our make-up brushes at least once if not twice a week.


Why should you wash your make-up brushes?

We believe that the benefits of keeping our make-up brushes clean are well worth the few minutes spent cleaning them! Using clean make-up brushes can:

Help reduce blemishes, clogged pores & breakouts

Allow you to blend your beauty products better


Help reduce irritation caused by hard bristles


Help reduce the risk of staphylococcal infections


Make your brushes last longer, saving you money


Helps to prevent the visible signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles


How do I wash my make-up brushes?

We’ve come up with a fantastic shampoo recipe that not only words wonders on the hair on your head, but is also ideal for getting rid of product build-up in your brushes and leaving them as soft as the day you bought them!


20% Alpha Detergent
10% Sugar Detergent
64% Boiling Spring Water
3% Omega Fat Restoring Agent
0.5% Guar Gum
1% Preservative Eco
1.5% Essential Oils


1. Measure the Alpha Detergent & Sugar Detergent and stir together.

2. Add the hot water and thoroughly mix without causing any foam.

3. Measure the Guar Gum and the Omega Fat Restoring Agent together.

4. Crush the Guar Gum into the Omega Fat Restoring Agent with the back of a teaspoon to ensure it is well saturated.

5. Add a little of the hot detergent mix and stir. The Omega Fat Restoring Agent and the Guar Gum will start to thicken with the heat.

6. Add a little more of the hot detergent mix and keep stirring until it has all incorporated.

7. Put the bowl into a pan of cold water to cool down to below 40 degrees.

8. Add the remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly.

You can then create your own unique bottle and label.


1. Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water and make sure all residual make-up has been rinsed out.

2. Use circular motions, carefully at the tip of the brush will stop any
glue from peeling apart from the handle.

3. Use your make-up brush shampoo and gently swirl your brush in the mixture.

4. Rinse the brush tip under the lukewarm water once again. Repeating steps 2 and 3 until the water runs clear from the brush.

5. Use a clean cloth to wipe your brushes clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.

6. Lay your brushes flat on the cloth and let them dry naturally.

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