Skincare Routine: Get Carnival Ready with Natural Ingredients and Homemade Products

Skincare Routine: Get Carnival Ready with Natural Ingredients and Homemade Products

The world-renowned Rio Carnival is an annual festival held 40 days before Easter. The festivities originated from pagan rituals which were later Christianized by the Catholic Church. Today Carnival in Brazil is famed for its party atmosphere, brightly coloured outfits and beautiful dancers. 

The country is also well known for its beauty industry, with booming markets for both men and women. In 2020, Brazil was recognized as one of thelargest cosmetic markets in the world. It is seen as aleader in the global skincare market due to the popularity of its natural moisturing and hydrating ingredients. 

In this article we will take a closer look at some of the brilliant natural ingredients inspired by Brazil that you can use in homemade skincare. Plus, bring the fun of Rio Carnival to a party at home, using natural skincare products that you can make cheaper than major skincare brands. 


If you are interested in making homemade cosmetics and luxury treatments for men, find out about thebest skincare products for men here. 


Using Organic Perilla Seed Oil in Natural Skincare Products

Good skincare always starts with clean and healthy skin. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is with an oil cleanser. Even if you have oily or combination skin an oil cleanser can still be an excellent choice. 

One of the many benefits of creating your own homemade skincare is that you can use ingredients that benefit your skin type.Organic Perilla Seed Oil is a favourite skincare oil in Brazil and makes a wonderful choice for oil cleansers. It is a dry feeling oil that is even suitable for blemish-prone skin so certainly won’t leave a greasy feeling, but it will cleanse effectively and condition dry and mature skin. With daily use of Organic Perilla Seed Oil, your skin will start to look smoother. 


  • Perilla Seed Oil Cleanser for OCM – Read RecipeHere 

Create an oil cleanser which is highly effective at removing make-up including stubborn eye make-up. It is an excellent choice for both men and women to use – simply work the product into the skin and wipe it away. 


  • Oil Cleanser for Men – Read RecipeHere 

A twist on the recipe above, this wonderful oil cleanser makes a fantastic addition to a skincare routine for men. Although it does not include Organic Perilla Seed Oil, other nourishing natural skincare ingredients such asOat Oil andOrganic Camellia Seed Oil make it an effective cleanser. 


Using Organic Brazil Nut Oil in Homemade Skincare for Hair and Nails

Another favourite skincare oil in Brazil isOrganic Brazil Nut Oil. As an effective moisturiser it is beneficial to use in a wide range of homemade cosmetics for the skin and hair. It contains Phytosterols which are effective at nourishing and soothing the skin, making it a desirable choice to include in your skincare routine. Use Organic Brazil Nut Oil in skincare for men, as it can help to soften and hydrate the skin when used in aftershave creams or balms. 


  • Amazing Amazonian Hair and Nail Oil – Read RecipeHere 

Organic Brazil Nut Oil blends beautifully withWatermelon Seed Oil,Organic Sacha Inchi Seed Oil and LiquidCoconut Oil to make the most amazing hair and cuticle treatment. You can use it as a hot oil hair treatment and on your nails when you do a manicure. 


Fun Natural Skincare Inspired by Carnival in Brazil

Creating your own homemade skincare products is fun and encourages you to be creative. Enjoy making and using these three fun skincare recipes at home - they will leave you feeling well cared for and ready to take part in the Rio carnival festivities. 


  • Super Sun Body Lotion – Read RecipeHere 

A convincing, natural tan can give you that holiday glow as if you had been visiting Rio de Janeiro for the carnival celebrations! This tan enhancing recipe boosts natural collagen production, helping to keep skin looking younger and healthier. It works just as well on tanned skin as it does on pale skin. Apply the lotion easily all over including on the face. 


  • Hair and Body Butter – Read RecipeHere 

This gorgeous butter can be used as a hair pack and as a body butter, as it works brilliantly for both. It will leave you feeling fabulous from top-to-toe and ready to party like a carnival dancer. TropicalMango Butter combines beautifully with Camellia andArgan Oils to feed your hair and skin alike. It works wonders in lesser amounts on hands too, providing some relief from the drying effects of hand sanitizer. 


  • High Shine Hair Oil – Read RecipeHere 

Get healthy looking, holiday-ready hair with this oil blend that gives high gloss and shine to stressed out and frizzy hair. Add some tropicalOrganic YlangYlang Essential Oil to the blend to really get into the carnival spirit. The recipe uses some of the same ingredients as the oil cleansers above too, making it an easy option to try at the same time. 


Carnival in Brazil is the home of standing out from the crowd. The dancer's costumes take center stage with bold and brightly coloured designs and dramatic, glittery make-up to match. Inject your homemade cosmetics with a little of the Rio Carnival spirit and experiment withcolours,aromas, anddried botanicals.Pearlescent Mica’s will add an eye-catching shimmer and sparkle to your natural skincare products. Look at Aromantic’sfree skincare recipes to find inspiration for your own carnival style beauty products. 


Party at Home Ideas to Show off your Rio Carnival Inspired Skincare

You might not be visiting Carnival in Brazil this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun of the festivities with some seriously good skincare and a party atmosphere in your living room – even if you are your own special guest or having a virtual party. 

Every party at home needs music so why not listen to carnival songs or even watch videos from previous years' events, to create the right atmosphere. Check out theSamba School’s Parade for a taste of the sights and sounds of Rio Carnival. 

The star of the show will be your Brazil inspired homemade cosmetics – create a skincare routine that will have your skin party-ready for carnival season. 

The best party in the world is coming up, and it might well be in your front room! 


If you’ve been inspired by these recipes and want to learn more about achieving radiant skin by using homemade skincare products, then read our guide onhow to get plump skin naturally. 

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