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Luxury Natural Face Masks You Can Make at Home

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Recreating a relaxing spa day experience at home is a great way to get in some self-care and give your skin a treat. At Aromantic, we have a large range of recipes and kits to help you make a natural face mask at home! 

The Benefits of a Face Mask

Face masks are the perfect way to get a more intense treat than your usual facial skincare regime. While daily cleansing and moisturising is a great way to look after your skin, facemasks offer a deeper and more prolonged experience. 

A natural face mask is the perfect form of self-care because not only does it treat your skin to some TLC, but it also provides an opportunity to put your feet up and relax while it sets! 

There are different kinds of facial treatments that work in different ways. Consider what you hope to achieve with your face mask before you dive in. Do you have dry skin that needs hydrating? Or perhaps your complexion is a little dull, and you want to brighten it? Face masks can also provide a solution to blemishes and other problem areas. 

Clay masks are a paste-like texture when applied, and once they set, they are then washed off with warm water. Peelable masks set with a rubber texture and can be lifted off when set. 

Why Choose a Natural Face Mask at Home 

A DIY face mask is an excellent way to control what you’re putting onto your face. You can pick the recipe and ingredients according to your specific skincare needs and tailor the product to your desired results. 

Making a homemade skincare product can be just as satisfying as the face mask itself, so mixing your own is an extension of the fun! And it also prolongs the time you can set aside for some self-care. The process of making can be therapeutic in itself, and it can prove to be very rewarding. 

DIY Clay Mask 

Clay facial masks are an excellent treat for oily skin and can also benefit a combination of skin problems like acne and blemishes. 

Our Rose Clay Facemask is a gorgeous smelling facial treatment with a luxurious sandalwood and geranium scent. This recipe is a great opportunity to perfect a homemade version of the pink clay mask trend you may be seeing a lot of on social media! Its vitamin E content nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and revitalised.


45% Rose Hydrolat/Hydrosol

45% Pink Clay

6% Evening Primrose Oil

3% Vitamin E

0.5% Sandalwood Essential Oil

0.5% Geranium Essential Oil

100% Total


Weigh out all your ingredients and mix them at room temperature until there are no lumps of powder remaining.

This freshly made clay mask doesn’t contain a preservative, so it needs using right away. You can store it in an airtight container in the fridge but use it within a maximum of three days! 

Luxury Peel-Off Facemask

This Olive Face Mask recipe uses our Peel-Off Olive Face Mask blend as a base and encourages you to use oils and active ingredients to develop a unique face mask specifically tailored for you! The blend contains the wonder ingredient spirulina, which can help reduce the appearance of acne scars by encouraging cell renewal when applied topically. 

Peel-off masks are excellent at removing dead skin and other residues from the skin’s surface. It will adhere to the skin’s surface as it sets, so once you peel off the mask, it also lifts dirt and sweat, drawing out impurities that would otherwise clog your pores. This will result in a more even skin tone and help combat problem areas like blemishes. 

The inclusion of rosemary also has a soothing effect similar to the cooling properties of menthol. Apply the face mask to the skin immediately and leave it to perform its action for 15 minutes. It will rubberise on the skin within a few minutes. The face mask sachet contains enough powder for two masks, so you can either make both at the same time or use half the powder as below.


30g (1 sachet) of powder with 90g of liquid 


15g (1/2 sachet) of powder with 45g of liquid

“Liquid” in this recipe refers to vegetable oils and oil-soluble active ingredients. It also includes any water you add to the recipe.

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