What our customers say

Excellent service. Perfectly packed with quality products. Attended one of their courses it was a great and now I am able to make my own bespoke products for my clients. I order online and realised I had ordered the the wrong product, quick email and it was rectified before delivery.
- Michelle 24/10/2016

Fast customer feedback response. Fast international delivery with tracking. Superb packaging of products.
- Anonymous 26/12/2016 

I was thrilled with my 1st order the quality is incredible I will have no problem with returning for more.
- Pam Long

Fantastic product. I can always trust Aromantic for quality.
- Lynn Bee 10/01/2017

I love that your products are all natural and many are organic. I feel that I can trust that what you offer is safe and effective and of the highest quality. Ordering and shipping has been easy and hassle-free, I just wish there was a clone of you in Canada! I am looking forward to more availability of different organic COo2 extracts! Thank you from a happy customer.
- Cydney Higgins 19/01/2017

Great site; good product description, basket review very clear. Extremely well packaged order - no chance of anything breaking. E-mails for stages of order processing. Paperwork with order great, including name of packer. My order was processed in well under 2 hrs after e-mailing it. Received next morning.
- Julie Jones 4/01/2017

You have no idea how difficult, actually almost impossible has been to collect all the documentation from the other suppliers. Only Aromantic has been able to help me on this.
- Anonymous

Very helpful! The website is easy to negotiate. If you need to telephone, the staff are really helpful and know what they're talking about!
- Tracey Thomas 11/12/2016

Great products and quick delivery as always. Love this website :-)
- Sarah Singleton 25/01/2017

A truly excellent company, products and service. Quality is second to none which is why I am a happy returning customer (and student of the courses) time and again. You cannot go wrong with Aromantic.
- Haley Waldram 22/01/2017 

I love aromantic. I have been using their products and services for about 15 years now. I can always rely on them for support and advice when I need it and their products are top quality.
- Pauline Thompson

Quick service. All enquiries answered promptly. I love the products and that they're ethically sourced. Also love all the recipes and useful information re each product.
- Anonymous 16/01/2017

As usual, a very satisfactory and pleasing result from Aromantic, thank you so much again.
- Heather Cummings 

Love all the products, website so easy to use and the recipes. Fantastic service and competitive prices.
- Tracy Britten 30/10/2016 

A testimonal from Lila Das Gupta

I live in London near the river Thames with my husband, three children and two cats. I used to be a journalist for the BBC and Daily Telegraph, after which I retrained as a Learning and Development specialist.  I love my job and the different people I work with around the country. Making skin care is my way of relaxing and enjoying myself, because for me, learning new things is one of the most enjoyable things to do in life. Where did it all start for me? A couple of years ago, my dear friend Mike Harmon, who is a skin care formulator, and a tutor for Aromantic, asked me if I would like to come on one of his courses. He and I both share a great love of perfumery and we belong to the same club called ‘Perfume Lovers London’. So, I made the arrangements and got myself signed up. Little did I know that I was about to get bitten by the bug...

On that sunny afternoon, with other students, we mixed oils, water and emulsifiers into different little bowls, we stirred and stirred, and what happened before our eyes was pure alchemy.  Suddenly we had a wonderful thick cream in the bowl and I was hooked.   Prior to that I had no idea it was so easy to mix up a cream.   And not just any cream mind you - this was all natural, vegetable-based goodness. What I liked about it, as well as the creative, ‘making’ side of things, was that it involved some science too, and to top it all off, some folkloric elements as well.  People have used plants for many centuries not just for their perceived curative properties in the physical sense, but also the spiritual realm too. Mike is equally comfortable with the science part and the esoteric part, which makes him a wonderful teacher.

My aim has been to replace all of the toiletries in our household with home-made ones, and so far I’ve done pretty well. We haven’t bought any shampoo, face cream, shaving cream, conditioner, soap, toner, eye cream, hand cream, massage oil or cleanser for quite a while now. The teenagers in our house are prone to acne and two of us also have eczema, so I’ve also been able to save some money and make products that have really helped with these conditions.

I think they all like mum’s latest obsession. A little while ago my youngest son started yelling desperately from the bath: “Mum, Mum, Muuuuum”.  I thought from the tone of his voice he had seriously hurt himself and I raced up the stairs with my heart in my mouth.  When I got there he said casually: “I haven’t got any of YOUR shampoo.  Can you get some from the other bathroom?”

The initially sceptical 15 year old who swore she would never give up on her commercial shampoo now has her own, jealously guarded, customised one made by yours truly (orange and geranium). The best thing about it all is that it’s not only fun for me to make, it’s also incredibly easy.

Although my intention is to make things to give to family and friends, I do adhere to ‘best practice’ guidelines and I try to keep in line within the legal requirements that govern the sale of such products. Not only is it best to get into good habits early on, if you’re reading this and you have any intention of selling your products (as many Aromantic customers do), you should know about the rules that govern the selling of all skin care.

- Lila Das Gupta