About Kolbjorn Borseth

Skin care expert Kolbjorn Borseth is the founder and director of Aromantic Natural Skin Care and the Aromantic way of making your own natural skin, hair and body care products. Kolbjorn is an internationally renowned skin care expert, consultant, teacher and guru and has 30 years experience in teaching, writing and research in the field of natural cosmetics. He is the winner of the prestigious CamExpo Life Time Achievement Award (2009).
"Kolbjorn is an inspiration to the industry and promotes all aspects of his beliefs and knowledge, wisely, eloquently and patiently. He has inspired many people through his work and through his inspiration and guidance, I personally have been able to overcome many obstacles in the setting up of my organics business. He is a true alchemist of the modern age, and there is no finer man to consult in my knowledge who exists today who knows or holds Kolbjorn's host of wisdom on all elements of the alchemic world. His teaching is invaluable and he is always on hand with no gain to himself, to serve others; worthy of an honour indeed after a lifetime commitment."

April Westley, Cupcake Organic Divine Skin Care, UK - When voting for Kolbjorn to receive the CAM Outstanding Achievement Award, 2009. 

In his own words:

"Welcome to the Aromantic website. I'm very proud to share with you the result of many years of work and dedication. Originally from Norway, I have 30 years of experience in complementary health and had the pleasure of opening my first natural cosmetics manufacturing company in Sweden 27 years ago, which employed 10 people and  was part of a small co-operative. After working in Sweden, often in partnership with leading complementary health experts, such as Lilly Johansson - Lilly was a natural health icon who run her own complementary hospital with over 30,000 patients and wrote 15 books. I was instrumental in getting 2 of the books written. After doing all of that I knew what my next passion was - to come to the United Kingdom and to share the secrets of the cosmetics industry with both professional therapists and to 'ordinary people'. As I've said many times before, teaching and sharing this knowledge is not a hobby, or even work…it's a mission. I am fulfilling my dream, which is always evolving into unknown but exciting territory! 

Why I placed myself in Scotland is that I am part of the Findhorn Foundation Community, and have been since I visited it 33 years ago. I have been living here with my family now for 18 years. 

My vision for the future is to:

  • Continue to support and educate therapists about new and innovative as well as classic raw materials that they can use to tailor make products for their clients and so enhance their therapeutic practices.
  • Keep on showing people that they can make their own natural skin, hair and body care products, whatever their level of ability!
  • Expand my efforts to share my knowledge about the therapeutic value of vegetable oils so that they become part of a prescription instead of using them simply for their lubrication properties.
  • To write more books!
  • Stay innovative and on the cutting edge of new raw materials for natural skin care, effectively making my customers pioneers of the natural skin care movement while at the same time finding as many organic or bio-dynamically grown materials that are also fairly traded from community co-operatives.
  • To constantly improve what Aromantic offers.

All of these things are very close to my heart.

Apart from writing and publishing my books, I developed a range of courses and started teaching therapists and the public how to make their own natural skin, hair and body care products in 1997. Now the Aromantic teachers, teach up to 50 courses a year in different settings in the United Kingdom. It has a been a great source of pleasure to me to be invited to teach by UK holistic health/beauty departments of colleges and private schools and of course to set up and run my own courses in Scotland and London. Therapists and private people come from all over the world to London courses to make their own natural cosmetic products. We consider it a career highlight every time we get a positive feedback from a course participant or a customer, whether I've met them before or not! Together, we can all make the world a better place, each playing our own unique part."