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Business and Branding eBook BundleBusiness and Branding eBook Bundle
Price: £28.00
Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)
Price: £3.50
Coriander Seed (Organic)Coriander Seed (Organic)
Normal Price: £5.70
Price: £3.40 save 40%
Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.50
Price: £2.25 save 50%
Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Price: £3.60
Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £7.10
Price: £3.55 save 50%
Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.25
Price: £3.10 save 50%
Walnut Oil (Organic)Walnut Oil (Organic)
Normal Price: £8.30
Price: £5.00 save 40%
Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.90
Price: £3.45 save 50%
White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.00
Price: £2.40 save 40%
Normal Price: £3.15
Price: £1.90 save 40%
St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Sage Tincture (Organic)Sage Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Echinacea Tincture (Organic)Echinacea Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Normal Price: £3.60
Price: £2.52 save 30%
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.87 save 30%
Clove BudClove Bud
Normal Price: £4.11
Price: £2.45 save 40%
Normal Price: £2.65
Price: £1.86 save 30%
Borage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E OilBorage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E Oil
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.46 save 40%

Natural skin care business support, through supply of knowledge, courses, raw materials, training and business consultancy. Start or expand a natural skin care business making and selling high quality natural skin care, beauty and cosmetic products.

Start or expand a Business making and selling high quality Natural Skin, Hair and Body Care products

natural skin care business

We are very pleased to offer you this opportunity to start your own successful business, making and selling natural cosmetics and toiletries. Selling the professional, natural skin, hair and body care products that you have made can be very rewarding, fun and creative as many of my course participants and customers can attest to! Having taught people to make their own cosmetics and beauty products for over 15 years, we know you'll just love making these products.

You may be starting from scratch or expanding your business or you may be a hobbyist or therapist who previously sold only to family and friends or therapy clients but now you want to sell to the public.

Selling your products - is there a market?

As consumers become aware of health and environmental issues, a growing number of them are interested in buying natural, nature-friendly and preferably organic personal care products. Sales of these products have rocketed since the late 1990s, and continue to surge. There is an increasing trend for even over-the-counter, big brand beauty cosmetics and beauty products to be organic and natural. In 2009, organic certified- cosmetic products were worth an approximate $7bn globally (Source: cosmeticsdesign.com). Now in 2013 the organic skin care market is only 2% of the market altogether but 30% of Women throughout Europe would like if possible to buy from and organic range. The question is would you be interested to tap into the remaining 28% of the market that is not fulfilled? Whilst the majority of the market is dominated by multinational cosmetic corporations, more and more people enjoy supporting cottage industries and small, local businesses and buying products that are ethical, eco-friendly and economical.

Where do I start?

If you would like to start up/expand a business making and selling your own products to the public, here are some recommendations and pointers:


  • If you haven't already done so, we recommended that you attend Aromantic's courses in order to get a good basic grounding in how to make your own products the Aromantic way.

  • When moving on to sell to the public our course that is run in both London and Scotland on Complying with Legal Requirements is very important. Please see our course schedule to see when the next course is running. - http://www.aromantic.co.uk/courses-making-natural-skin-care-cosmetic-products-uk.htm


Aromantic publications

Business Consultancy Services

There are two areas in which we can support you with Aromantic's Business Consultancy Services:

1. Help with creating your own range of products

If you feel that your need more in-depth support to create your own range of products, then contact us about our one-to-one consultancy services, usually provided in London or via Skype. During the consultancy we can create a range of recipes for your own brand of products. We sometimes also make products on the consultancy day, depending on your needs. Any recipes we create for you will of course remain confidential and we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if you wish.

Note: Before opting for our consultancy service we strongly advise you to enrol on the Aromantic courses. If you need paid support for formulating your own products and recipes, please see Mike Harmon's details on our consultancy page.

If you want to create your own skin-ease range and don’t want to make it yourself but by a manufacturing ‘arm’ please e-mail Aromantic regarding contract manufacturing.

2. Support with achieving your business goals

Through Aromantic' consultancy service we offer specialist business support for people working within the health & beauty sector. If you are interested in one-to-one support with achieving your business goals please see Simon Bowen's details on our consultancy page.

The Essential Guide to Growing Your Health & Beauty Business: 50 Insider Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Before booking a consultancy with Simon Bowen, you may first want to purchase Simon's 119-page (2013 revised edition) eBook guide, The Essential Guide to Growing Your Health & Beauty Business: 50 Insider Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level. Hundreds of business ideas were tried and tested over a period of 12 years - shortlisted to the 50 most essential tips and principles which you can apply in your business. Click here for more information and to order.


Points to remember when selling your products to the public

Legal issues - selling to the public

  • Before selling your products to the public, there are a few different areas that need addressing before you are able to sell your products legally. If you're a qualified therapist prescribing products for your clients, or you only want to sell to your family and friends, then it is much simpler. We also sell a 5-page eBook Selling your Natural Products - a few Handy Hints. The mini eBook has the basic pointers you need to bear in mind when selling to the public, including basic labelling and insurance guidelines as well as links to extra resources to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • If you want to sell your products to the public you need to have a Safety Assessment done. You simply send off your recipes on paper or by email by excel spreadsheet. If you follow Aromantic’s guidelines of recipes it will cost you as low as £10 a recipe and if you have done it once you do not need to do it again.
    See our Safety Assessors and what they can offer you – http://www.aromantic.co.uk/pdf/Cosmetic_Safety_Consultants_Ltd.pdf (PDF)

  • Thereafter you need to register and upload your recipes to a Cosmetic Portal. All this is for free and a place where you can keep your recipes stored for yourself to keep. Just to remind you that L’Oreal also have their recipes on the same Portal.
    Cosmetic Portal link – http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/sectors/cosmetics/cpnp/

  • You also need to use a log book/PIF (Product information file) to collect your recipes and information in and you should also keep a sample of your product to safeguard you in case anyone has a reaction to your product.
    To follow and download Aromantic’s Special Reports that you can read and sign and add to your PIF file, you will find them in the Aromantic’s Member's Area.
  • We run a 1-day course on Legal Requirements, which is run by Allison Wild (Cosmetic Safety Assessor) and Mike Harmon to help you comply with EU requirements for selling natural cosmetics to the public. Course attendees receive a CD containing all the necessary paperwork that you can personalise for your own business as well as a file with handouts that will get you started with your production logbook system. See our Getting Started Resources page.
  • We can also recommend companies that can supply you with insurance and contact details of laboratories who can safety-test your products for you before they go on sale. See our Getting Started Resources page.
  • The rest, of course, is up to you but we are here to continue supporting you with our Blog, Twitter Feed, Courses, new products, knowledge and consultancy. We are not simply a supplier of raw materials as we equally value the importance of empowering our customers with knowledge. If you ever feel stuck, you can contact us for help.

Do I need any special equipment to make Aromantic's products?

It's amazing how many times we are asked what kind of equipment is required to produce products using Aromantic's recipes. The answer is that you don't need any special equipment at all as Aromantic's recipes are designed for standard kitchen equipment that you are already likely to have at home. We will say though that if you're starting a business, then we would recommend you use equipment especially dedicated to making your products. Aromantic does sell equipment that makes it easier for you to make accurate recipes and larger quantities. Click here for the equipment we stock.

Special Aromantic Reports in our Member's Area:

  • Best Practice Guide to the Storage, Handling and Filling of Containers
  • Common Sense Hygiene Rules for making cosmetic products


If you need help placing your first order, click here.

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