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Business and Branding eBook BundleBusiness and Branding eBook Bundle
Price: £28.00
Normal Price: £3.15
Price: £1.90 save 40%
Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)Lime, Cold Pressed (Organic)
Price: £3.50
Coriander Seed (Organic)Coriander Seed (Organic)
Normal Price: £5.70
Price: £3.40 save 40%
Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Fruity Chypre Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.50
Price: £2.25 save 50%
Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Genevieve Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Price: £3.60
Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Apple Blossom Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £7.10
Price: £3.55 save 50%
Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)Lemon Verbena Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.25
Price: £3.10 save 50%
Walnut Oil (Organic)Walnut Oil (Organic)
Normal Price: £8.30
Price: £5.00 save 40%
Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate) Olive Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £6.90
Price: £3.45 save 50%
White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)White Lotus Natural Perfume (Concentrate)
Normal Price: £4.00
Price: £2.40 save 40%
Clove BudClove Bud
Normal Price: £4.11
Price: £2.45 save 40%
Normal Price: £2.65
Price: £1.86 save 30%
Borage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E OilBorage Oil with 0.5% Vitamin E Oil
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.46 save 40%
St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)St. Johns Wort Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Sage Tincture (Organic)Sage Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Echinacea Tincture (Organic)Echinacea Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)Comfrey Leaf Tincture (Organic)
Normal Price: £2.40
Price: £1.68 save 30%
Normal Price: £3.60
Price: £2.52 save 30%
Normal Price: £4.10
Price: £2.87 save 30%

Beeswax - Skin Care Secrets Revealed: More about Beeswax. Aromantic Ltd UK supply all the raw materials, courses, information and equipment you need to make your own natural skin care, cosmetic, make up, spa, bath, hair, massage and aromatherapy products. From beginners to professionals.

Skin Care Secrets Revealed: More about Beeswax

By Kolbjorn Borseth

The largest problem in getting good quality beeswax in the world today is pollution. Because of the high density of population Europe, we cannot get organic honey from here, we have to get organic honey from either Africa, Australia or New Zealand. Another big problem is the varroa mite, which has now spread all over the world. It can only reproduce in a honey bee colony. It weakens the bees and spreads a DNA virus such as the Deformed Wing Virus to the bee. A significant mite infestation will lead to the death of the honey bee colony. Varroa mite infestations may be contributing to what is known as Colony Collapse Disorder, which is threatening agriculture production in the USA. Without the pollination work of the bees, we would starve.

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buy onlineOrder Beeswax, White (Organic)

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Because of the varroa mite threat, beekeepers often keep an insecticide strip inside the hives to counteract any infestation. When you get organic honey/beeswax, the beekeeper will not have used this insecticide.

Never buy honey or beeswax when the label says: "Origin: more than one country" because you won't have clue where in the world it originates. British beekeepers have had a long standing battle with farmers and their pesticides that affect the beehives and therefore the quality of the honey.


Different types of Beeswax


Raw Beeswax

Straight from the honeycomb without filtering so can therefore contain bits and pieces. The colour and scent are determined by the type of pollen taken from the flowers pollinated. Colour: from light yellow to dark brown. Fragrance: honey-like to overpowering.

Filtered Beeswax

By using cotton or nylon fabric, the bits and pieces can be filtered out. Heavy filtering also removes some of the natural scents for e.g. honey and the colours of the pollen.

Bleached Beeswax

This is also known as White Beeswax or Ivory Beeswax. The beeswax can be sun-bleached naturally but this is not easy to do. It can also be done with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, by bleaching out the colour of the pollen. This process removes the delicate honey scent and makes the beeswax nearly odourless.

Natural Bleaching

This is a natural filtering process of the beeswax that removes the pollen. The process is as follows:
The beeswax is heated in a tank with circulating water and the melted beeswax floats on top. It is like a 'washing machine'. Carbon and Fuller's earth is added and filters out the pollen and propolis, which give the beeswax its colour. This process is qualified as organic (which the hydrogen peroxide method of course is not!). This natural bleaching method also leaves the delicate honey smell in the beeswax.

Organic African Honey products

Throughout African forests there is a tradition of keeping bees in cylindrical hives. Beekeepers hang their bark hives high in the trees out of reach of honey badgers and army ants.

Wild swarms of bees occupy the hives just before the flowering season and quickly start filling them with honeycombs. After a couple of years the beekeepers return, climb the trees and crop the honey, leaving half for the bees. The bees and their keepers are an integral part of the ecosystem, ensuring pollination of the trees.

Aromantic's provider of beeswax works with beekeepers in Zambia and Ethiopia to develop infrastructure to extract honey. Exports can revitalise the economy of the forest villages. More people join each year, confident that they can support their families with this fairtrade income.

Tips for using Beeswax

  • Never use more than up to 1% beeswax in a product on the face as beeswax clogs the pores and so enlarges them. The skin does not absorb beeswax so it therefore creates a protective barrier for the skin and lips, thereby retaining moisture in those areas. 
  • Never use beeswax on oily, combination or large-pored skin types or on acne-prone skin. The exception is beeswax-based lip balm - that can be used on lips even if the person has these skin types.

buy onlineOrder Beeswax

buy onlineOrder Beeswax, White (Organic)

buy onlineOrder Beeswax, Yellow (Organic)

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